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To those of you who thought you knew me.... perhaps you didn't know me at all.

I am not who I once was.

Though I would not be who I am today without her.

Today I give thanks to the girl who felt lost and alone in the world.

I honour the bravery and strength she needed to endure the trauma and fear that she was so close to losing herself in.

I hold the utmost gratitude to her determination and courage she held within herself to find her way out of the shadows, as the voice of darkness called to her and tried to claim her mind, body and soul.

I lovingly hold her as she would rip herself apart trying to keep the peace and please everyone.

When her fiery words lashed out at the world her heart was breaking as she took the blame and ridicule from those who were 'meant' to love her the most in the world.

I send love and healing energies to her when she goes downwards in her numbing spiral. This is when she would flick the switch so she would not feel the pain of all the accumulating hurt, anger, grief and sorrow. She had mastered the art of disconnecting herself from her emotional and physical bodies, leaving herself numb to the world while she continued with her big brave smile.

I mend and heal her wounds where the words and actions of others had cut her so deep. Being extra lovingly careful as I remove the toxic cycles that have been replayed throughout lifetimes and generations.... For she was the one who courageously stood up and said "I will no longer play out these cycles. I refuse to let this consume me any longer. I now choose to put my, and that of the family that I have created, needs first."

This took so much more strength and courage- more than she knew she had. Each time she thought she could open her heart to those who had hurt her, in hope that they too had grown, they would pull the rug out from under her and plunge the knife back in deep and attempt to reopen old wounds.

Once again, I hold her lovingly, reassuring her it is safe to let go and continue on her glowing path.

Her strength continues to grow stronger and her mind becomes more peaceful as she learns to live without the drama and criticism.

I hold sacred space for her as she reflects on who is no longer in her life. The people who have come and gone have taught her so many virtues in her life. No matter how big or small they may have been in her life, or how badly they hurt her, she holds gratitude to them for what she has learnt and continues to grow from within herself.

I see her reflecting on her younger years, as a little girl. She no longer morns the childhood that was lost, fore she can see how things transpired and is no longer scared of the monsters she saw.

I watch her freeing herself from the chains that had been binding her and I smile as I witness the liberation that comes from her transformations- fore she has had many.

I feel myself sit taller and stand straighter as I witness her Light shine brighter each day. As she learns to love herself more deeply and step into her power that has been yearning to be released.

I witness her shoulders pull back and I smile as she lifts her chin, knowing full well that she has let go of so many fears around being seen.

Seen for who she truly is.

I praise her as she steps forward into the world, holding her beacon of light so high and bright. Knowing that she is here to help change the world with many others and she now owns it.

I am filled with joy as she shares her knowledge and wisdom, knowing that she is planting seeds to be harvested when they are ready.

My soul soars as we walk hand in hand, knowing we wouldn't be one without the other- fore we have grown and flourished as a result of this incredible journey.

I am proud of who I am.

I am so grateful to be where I am today.

I am filled with excitement and joy for what is still yet to come.

Today I completely release the fear of others judgments and fear of what they might say about me.

I whole heartedly embrace my inner Goddess and allow her voice to be heard. I feel exhilarated by her power as she completely steps forward to be seen by the world.

To those of you who thought you knew me.... perhaps you didn't know me at all.

I am not who I once was.

Though I would not be who I am today without her.


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