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Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Explore the opportunities to work with Christine

From a single one off session to coaching packages, your soul's needs are covered!

Single Intuitive
Healing Session 

Are you wanting a one-off session with Christine?

No Worries!

Single Intuitive Healing Sessions are available.

Please Note: these are single sessions only.

They are not inclusive of the added bonuses

that are included within the packages

Investment: $275

One Month
Intuitive Coaching Package

One month of intuitive coaching / healing

sessions with Christine.

 This includes 3 x 60min sessions for the month. Investment: $880 

Four Month
Intuitive Coaching Package

Four months of intuitive coaching /

healing sessions with Christine.

This includes weekly 60min (yes that's 16 sessions!) laser focused sessions for the 4 months.

Investment: $3,330

A Note From Christine

Congratulations on making the next steps towards creating the change in your life that

your Soul is calling for you to discover.

How do you know what will be the most beneficial way to go for Yourself?

Feeling confused or uncertain? Lets chat!

Book in for a free 15min 'Discovery Call' where you can ask questions

that will help you have clarity on your best way to move forward.

Some helpful details to note that is included in both the One and Four Monthly Packages:  

 ~ Regular check-ins and assignments: I will provide you with specialized ideas, tools, and assignments for you to implement during sessions, these could be around new rituals, practices, customised meditations, recommended reading/viewing or conversations. This will be at the core of our work in between sessions together.

 ~ Unlimited email access to me: During our coaching together, you will have unlimited email, or messenger, access to me between our sessions. Many of my private clients say this is worth the investment alone. It’s like having me in your back pocket, a go-to sanity check and guide and idea-bounder whenever you need it. I will respond to help you process, dive-deeper, expand and feel fully supported whenever you need. This is our way of getting the most in between our sessions so you feel supported during our journey.

Payment plans are also available for for both of the Intuitive Coaching Packages

If you are in need of this arrangement you can discuss this on our discovery call

or you can email me HERE with your enquiry.

I know how beneficial and empowering it can be to have a coach and mentor in your corner cheering you on. I love what I do and I want to see others live their best life.

You're not meant to struggle - you are here to thrive!

If you haven't booked in yet, then lets connect and get you heading in the best direction for Yourself.

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