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Meet Christine

Hello. My name is Christine.

I'm a Mum to two growing teens and live in a beautiful coastal town, here in Australia 

I'm also an Intuitive Mentor and work as an Energetic Healer.

My Energetic Healing journey came about after going through my own tough, painful stresses/ traumas and discovering my own 'rock bottom'.  

In 2009 I left my marriage with my then 3yr and 15month old babies. This is when I really started to rediscover who I truly am and what it is I'm here to do in this world.


In 2015, I took a big leap of faith and left my 'stable job' in hospitality that I had been in for over 5 years, to start my own Energetic Healing business. When asked 'How are you going to do this?' I answered 'I have no idea. I just trust that it will work!’.

Over the years I have continued to invest in myself and my own personal growth. As I have grown and changed so too has my business.

The extra bonus of this? I have the daily privilege of helping others heal and find themselves - this feeds me on a soul level and I LOVE IT!


What's an 'Intuitive Energetic Healer'?

I've always been Clairvoyant and I 'see' what others don't.

I have a very strong connection with Source/ Universe/ Creator (which ever name resonates with you). It's through this connection that I help others heal, let go of what is no longer severing them, rediscover what it is that gives them passion and lights them up from the inside- to rediscover their Soul Purpose.

I receive messages from different realms. An example can be loved ones who have crossed over also known as Mediumship, Angels, Spirit Guides, StarBeings, the Elementals, just to name a few.

I have my own unique recipe within my intuition that I use, including a variety of energetic healing modalities to help heal others and channel information relevant for the situation at the time.  
Modalities I have used to help heal myself, this is how I know they work and share them with others to experience healing.

I also enjoy using oracle cards and sometimes they are called to come into readings... though not always.

All of this, and so much more, is done through using all of my psychic senses - aka intuition.

This is just a little snippet of my world and as you can see there's a few variations- thus why I call myself an 'Intuitive Mentor'.

My passion to help others heal, realise their true potential, find themselves back on their soul path and to have peace in their lives with the clarity they discover within themselves, and their direction, is what drives me. Having the tools to look within, manage the stress of our everyday lives as well as allowing ourselves the absolute joy and happiness we deserve is a birth right we all can have access to. 

Energetic Healing has changed my life, and I now have the opportunity to bring it to others and show them how they change their lives for the better as well.

Want to know how Christine can help you?

~ Call for a FREE 20 - 30 minute chat to see how Christine can help you. BOOK HERE

~ Email your inquiries to

~ Follow Christine on her social's for the latest information being shared, including spontaneous group sessions and events 

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