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Co-Author Book
A Woman's Journey To Empowerment

Stories from leaders who inspire you to break the mould,

take your power back and give yourself permission to live your best life.

Have you felt like your life is chafing at the edges?

Have you felt that restlessness within your soul?

The world is changing and we are being invited to change with it.


The old ways of being, the censorship and staying small,

are no longer.

Have you felt it ?

Your journey to empowerment is ready to begin, and you are not alone.

This book is written by brave women, women who want to share their thoughts, lessons, knowledge, and expertise with you. They write about and reflect on what they have experienced and what they believe it means to be empowered. They tell you their stories and share openly, in the hopes that it will inspire you to be the change you yearn to experience. Each chapter invites you to look at your life, to dig deep, to acknowledge the woman you are and the women you want to be. They share simple yet powerful steps that can help guide you on your own journey to becoming an empowered woman.

This book also serves to remind you that there is no challenge too big; you will get through it. You will learn and grow from each obstacle if you give yourself permission to do so.

Your journey to empowerment might be daunting at times, but with a little help from the women in this book, your path might become a little easier, a little more joyful, and it just might take you beyond what you ever thought you were capable of doing and being.

It's time to give yourself permission to live your best life.

Are you ready?

Gift yourself or someone you love this inspiring and empowering book.

Do you feel a restlessness deep within your Soul?

Do you crave inspiration and creating within your own journey of life? 

Can you feel the call of the Sisterhood?


When women come together true magic and inspiration is created.


Now is the time to gift yourself the seeds of wonder and magic that can grow into the foundations of your Future-Self yearns for you to discover and embody.


What are you waiting for?
These incredible books are limited and when they run out they run out!

Order Book ~ $24.99 + P&H $7.95 (for postage within Australia) 

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