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The Galactic High Council

Each week, when possible, I receive a massage and Reiki combination treatment. Having been away being a teachers assistant for two ThetaHealing classes last week and long driving hours, I was hanging for this session.

Once I was on the table, and finally starting to relax, I felt my mind completely clear. So blissful...​​

A little later I felt a presence enter the room. My attention was brought to someone standing at my head waiting for me to address them. I was getting mixed messages as to who it was. I went up to the Creator and asked who was here. (In ThetaHealing we learn to go up to the Creator of All There Is, in the Seventh Plane of Existence. Here we receive the Creators highest perspective and see the ultimate truth on the answers we seek) Through the Creator I saw the being clearly and as the being became clearer I heard 'Arcturian'.

I asked the Arcturian "You're an Arcturian . What brings you here today?"

The Arcturian replied "Yes I am. I have come to take you to the Galactic High Council."

Me: "Right now!? I'm relaxing. This is my switch off time. It seems a bit cheeky to come in right now."

Arcturian: "Yes. It's of great urgency. The Council have called a meeting regarding the Human Race and your vote is required. As a member of the High Council we need you now."

I checked in with the Creator to verify this information and got a clear 'Yes it is true and you are safe to go'.

So I allowed the Arcturian to take me to the Galactic High Council- knowing that my body was completely safe and holding anchor for me in a sacred space with the practitioner who was working on me.

When I got to the Council I saw that they were waiting for me.

"Good- you're here. We bring you here to cast your vote on what is to happen next with Humanity. As you know there is a great war taking place between the Light and Dark. The Light is now winning and in the meantime Humanity have been on pause. The whole of the Human race is now at a tipping point and we need to decide what comes next for the whole of humankind.

We would like to have your opinion from your own human experience."

Me: "As you said. There is a war between the Light and Dark forces... that is evident. As the Light has gone into winning, and tipped the scales their way, it has become evident that the Dark are putting up a big fight- turning many things very ugly.

Thankfully more and more people are awakening to the truth of what is, or has been, going on and are standing up for their rights. They stand up for their freedom and stand strong for the freedom of others too.

Unfortunately there are governments who are trying to tighten their grips on the population, inflict mass control and have committed crimes against humanity. As more people stand up for their rights, their freedom and show others the truth of what has occurred they are being punished. They are being shut down and having fear pushed onto them and made an example of with the intention to frighten others out of doing similar acts.

There are many who see this and are working behind the scenes to rectify the situation.

A big divide had occurred and there was an 'Us vs Them' mentality enforced. So much scare mongering happening from the governments that has people turn against each other.

The Starseeds, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Earth Angels and many Healers of the lands have stepped up and held anchor for the new energies coming through- thus helping hold space and help heal this great divide."

Council: "Are you saying the governments must be punished?"

Me: "No I'm not saying anyone should be punished. More truths need to come to light for more to wake up. As more people awaken they will hold more confidence and power within themselves to stand up for their own rights. More awakening is the key here.

There is so much hope and faith that needs to be restored. You can see for many that there is a sense of hopelessness. They feel betrayed by those who they entrusted the most and feel there is nowhere to go and no one to turn too.

Humanity need to have faith, trust, hope and most of all- enjoy their freedom once again. They crave to live their lives. Their Souls are craving to live their human existence and have fun, love, laughter and joy.

They need faith in themselves."

Council: "Then we shall bring more truths to the surface for those who are ready to see"

Me: "Unfortunately not all of humanity can handle the truth. The real truth is to shocking for them and they will deny what is in plain sight for them. This is evident with the conditions to which the children, and women, who are being saved from rituals that have been going on for centuries. So many are in denial that this even exists- even as they read testimonials from the victims.

Thankfully there are many who know the absolute truths and are doing everything they can to get the information out there for others to see.

There are many who see this time as a great cleanse and detox of the wounds that Mother Gaia has held. These people hold the faith and hope that the Light is winning and this will be over for the world soon."

The Arcturian: "She is right. Not all of humanity are ready, nor will ever be ready, to see the whole truth. It would destroy them of losing the trust in their governments who they trust so deeply and could never imagine that someone in that power would do to them what has taken place."

Council: "In your earthly opinion - what do you suggest?"

Me: "Allow humanity to see the hope and faith that they crave. But show them the authentic hope and faith. There have been so many false hopes given out and many will take the smallest whiff of anything to cling onto- even if it has many conditions.

Show them the good in the world. How they have happiness and joy in their worlds on a whole new level- without the fear of it being ripped away from them in a heartbeat.

Show them the Light is winning and that the time we are in will be over sooner than they think."

Council: "Then it is decided- Humanity shall continue with their free will path and enjoy absolute freedom. This will be a freedom the race have never experienced."

And that was that.

The Arcturian brought me back to where my physical body was still being worked on by my practitioner. Once I was firmly back the Arcturian bowed in gratitude to me, gently stepped out of my space and left.

The whole experience felt completely natural to me. I knew I was safe and when I entered the Council I knew I had been there many times. This left me with a beautiful overall peaceful feeling- and my headache was completely gone.

When my session was finished my practitioner told me that they could tell when I had completely let go and relaxed. They said I had a state of peaceful bliss around me. I told them that's because I 'checked out' and told them what had happened. I also gave thanks for holding space for me whilst I was out.

I'm so grateful to have had this incredible experience.

So please, remember no matter how hard or bad things may seem- this will pass.

You will get through this


Have faith

We've got this

So much Love, Gratitude and Strength to you All

Christine xx

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