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The Sisterhood of Acceptance

Image by elizabeth_gilbert_writer (Liz Gilbert) of us on our final night

When a woman decides she’s going to put herself and her needs first- she discovers her truth. When a woman discovers her truth she discovers her strength- and in this? She becomes a Supernova in her own power.

As an Energetic Healer I’m passionate about helping others discover how they can heal themselves as well as discover what lights them up in life. I love to help people discover their Soul Path.

I had the absolute privilege of being a facilitator at this most transformational event.

I held space for women from all walks of life who took a stand for themselves and said, “I’m doing this for me”. Not only did they show it, they owned it!

One of the biggest shifts I witnessed was a collective realisation that you don’t need to seek permission to be yourself. These women were shown how to tap into their inner Goddess and shown that they were safe in letting her out into the world… to truly be their authentic selves without the obligations and restrictions that they had been conditioned to by the society they were brought up or married into.

To witness so many releases of the shackles that had been binding them, even through lifetimes - this is where the real magic can happen.

Every woman who attended this magical event was held and supported by each other energetically. These women brought back the meaning of what happens when women truly come together- in their deepest and most authentic way. In this magical space, women completely feel safe and can step into who they truly want the world to see - the trust version of themselves.

For me, personally, I too was able to allow myself to show the world my True Self… this was the true definition of liberation for me. Never have I ever been in a place where I could completely step into myself - until now!

Through holding space for others, through helping others release what’s no longer serving them for their best and highest good, I was able to 100% own my power and say This Is Me. I showed up for myself and I basked in the overflowing cup of Love that was spilling from my whole being.

This wasn’t the only transformation for me.

Between Liz’s keynote speech in reference to her partner Raya and her all day workshop the following day, my heart received the biggest healing in relation to my Mum’s transition from this world mid-year 2019. So yes, everyone who attended the Ultimate Girls Weeks Away in Fiji 2020, participants and facilitators, all ‘Reclaimed Their Light’ and came home completely transformed for the better. Remember beautiful souls, shine bright and never dim your light for anyone. Stay true to yourself and the universe will always deliver abundance into your world.

Thank you for being you xx

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