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When You Walk The Path Of The Unknown, You Discover Your Own Inner Strength & Guidance

Have you found yourself on a path in your life that you never imagined?

Are you feeling alone as a result of this?

Are you feeling let down by those who said would be there to support you?

Let me show you how you can discover your own inner strength and guidance on the path of your unknown.

Oh me oh my!.... What other words are there (without using the "F Bomb" continuously) to describe the momentous whirlwind you have found yourself in!?

You had it all fingered out.

Your family, your job, your Life- then BAM! The rug has been pulled out from underneath you and you feel like you now have a 'slight' understanding of how Alice felt when she entered Wonderland.

When the rug was pulled out, you may have felt like you fell back so hard and fast that you didn't even get a chance to see the World spin before your head hit the ground.

Your now trying to find your feet in a fog haze that has left you feeling dazed and seeing stars no matter where you look. You may even be feeling dizzy with every step you take.

Where the heck did that come from!??

Whilst your trying to comprehend what has transformed in your own world, your still trying to find a way to function, be strong and appear to be ok. What the heck does 'ok' look like?

People hear of what has happened in your world and some may offer you support and words of comfort. Some of these people may be who you felt you were close with and this may give you comfort in knowing you have your circle to support you when you need it. This may even give you courage to go forth and face each day that comes.

You have your good days.

You have your low days.

You have days where you feel like your wondering around in circles and are completely numb, not knowing if your coming or going.

You have days where you question what your doing and why your doing it. On these days you may find your questioning every. single. thing in your whole existence and not understand why there is no clarity or explanation for you to comprehend.

On these days you may find that you have the strength to put your hand up and say, to those who offered help for when you need it, "I need help. Can someone please be a shoulder for me to cry on" or "Can someone please help me with the strength I need just to get through today".

You may be very fortunate and have that person, or a group of people, stand up and say "Yes I/we're here for you. How can I/we help?" With this you can feel the comfort, strength and support of even just Knowing they are there for you. Be it as a shoulder to cry and or lean on, someone you can vent to or someone who is an excellent sounding board and will just listen- be it on the phone, over a cuppa or a vino.

Unfortunately you may also find that it can go the other way. That when you put your hand up asking for help- no one can. They are to busy, tied up with work, family, not in the right head-space themselves or are so caught up in their own lives they forget to breathe....

Please don't take this personally

Everyone is going through something that is of a big significance to them and that's ok- that's Life.

No you are not a burden on others for asking for help... it NEVER hurts to ask!

What is huge for someone in their World may not even be on the radar in your World and vice-a-versa.... that can also be Life.

So now what?

Here you are, standing on a foreign path in a Topsy Truvy world, staring into the unknown.

On your own.

Dazed and confused

This feels shit.

How the heck do you do this!?

First- Take a breath

No matter what your going through and no matter how hard it feels, you must always remember to breathe. By bringing your attention to your breath you can gain clarity into any situation (no matter the cause) as well as calmness to your state of mind. This brings you back to where you are in the Present state and forces you to come back to Yourself. Focus all of your attention on your breath and bring your awareness to the centre of your chest. Breathe in through your nose and count 1,2,3,4 Breathe out through your mouth and count 1,2,3,4. Again- Breathe in 1,2,3,4 and exhale 1,2,3,4. Do this five times in and five times out (or more if you feel you need too)

Second- Focus on your Heart Centre (The Centre of Your Chest)

By bringing your attention to your heart centre with your breath, you are bringing yourself back to within Yourself. Here is where we can feel completely safe. Just Be Still. Here we can just Be in the moment that is happening within us. Here, you can settle the waves of emotion that we can find overwhelming. Sometimes when we forget to breathe we can easily be consumed by emotions that can completely override us. These emotions can add to our 'brain fog' leaving us feeling more confused and dazed in our everyday motions.

When you centre in your heart space I want you to pay attention to any thoughts that are trying to enter your mind, as well as bringing your awareness to any parts of your body that may feel tense or aching. Just breathe into them. Visualise a golden white light in each breathe. With your Light Breath, 'See' this light go into your body (through your nose) and break up the tension, aches and pains, as well as the thoughts that may be trying to distract you from your present moment and see them exist out your mouth. Do this as many times as you need too until you are feeling completely relaxed and centred.

Third- Ask the Universe for Guidance

You are never alone.

The Universe has not abandoned you.

When we get so distracted by whats going on in our Topsy Turvy Worlds and get caught up in our head we forget to stay in our Heart Space- our Heart Centre.

This is where we can feel our connection with Universe/ Source. If your so caught up in the overwhelm that is consuming your head space, it can be an automatic thought that you've been abandoned by others and feel like no one will help you- including the Universe!

You've now breathed yourself into your heart centre. You have melted away the tension and random thoughts from your body. Now, place your hands onto your heart centre. Breathe gently into your hands as they sit on your chest. Ask yourself- Are you in need of answers to your current situation? Do you need some guidance? Are you seeking to feel more supported in your current or in any situation? In Life generally?

Breathe into your heart space and ask your question. Your answer will be the first thing that comes to you- don't over think it! It may not come straight away. Just give it a moment. It can come as a thought, a vision or just a 'knowing'. Again, it's the first answer you get and please don't second guess what has come to you.

You can also ask for your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to step forward, from the Light of Unconditional Love, and give you the guidance, strength, courage and wisdom to help you with your current situation. Remember, we have Free Will so there is only so much our Angels and Guides can do without permission.

Sit in this beautiful feeling for awhile, then open your eyes when your ready.

How are you feeling?

You can do this anytime of the day and anywhere.

Please be gentle with yourself.

Go take some time out from this so you can gather yourself. Be it with a walk on the beach, a movie or a bath with a cup of magnesium salts (super relaxing and very good for those muscles that have been holding your tension), use your favourite essential oils and/or you can book yourself in for an Energetic healing either with Reiki, a Chakra Balance, Bowen, ThetaHealing, Kinesiology,etc... it ALL helps.

You will have good days and you'll have your crap days.

You are human after-all and that's apart of the parcel.

On those harder days, just remember to breathe and know that you are not alone.

You are stronger than you could possibly imagine.

You've got this.

Take a deep breath and take that step forward into your unknown.

I believe in You.

Just Breathe xx

So much Love and Strength to you All

Christine xxx

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