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Keeping Up On The Physical Plan With Your Spiritual Expansion

You know your on the right path when your having more and more amazing 'Light Bulb' moments. You know the ones. Where you see everything so clearly and it's as if the Lights got switched on for you. The moments that leave you with an absolute certainty and knowing. That leave you feeling with every fibre and every cell of your whole being that you know what to do next. Or what is coming next for you, for your best and highest good.

I've been having MANY of these moments lately and I thought I would share with you this one. I'm positive this will help many of you to have a better understanding as to 'Why' these things happen and what you can make of it.

As we Awaken, grow and expand our spiritual knowledge, some people feel that they have to re-make themselves. Some feel that in order to accommodate to the World due to what they have Rediscovered or they need to change the way the outside World sees them in order to be accepted.

I'm a firm believer that we already know what is being referred to as 'Spiritual Knowledge' and that we are here rediscovering what we already know. But that is for another post.

If you find yourself in this position, I want you to ask yourself a simple question- Why?

Why do you feel you need to change yourself for others?

Why do you feel you need to ask others "what do they think you should do?"

When we go through SOOOO many energetic shifts, especially with what we've been experiencing on a Universal level lately, we can be left feeling confused. It can leave us feeling like we've been put through the ringer, spat out, only to be thrown back in again!

No wonder we can feel like we're losing it!..... and we are, though not the way you may expect. Think about it.

We are losing the vales that have cloaked us, kept us hidden from our own True selves. We are shedding layer upon layer of a life time of crap. And in some cases, life times of crap. Shedding old patterns and beliefs that have been holding us back. That have helped to create our crappy self-sabotage patters that force us not to move forward. That force us to stay in our crap. To stay in situations that leave us feeling like we're dying inside because we're not out there honouring what it is our Soul craves. What our Souls came here to do.

When we experience these shifts our physical bodies need time to catch up with the downloads our Astral Bodies have received. This is why it's so important to rest and drink lots of water to help not only stay hydrated but to also help flush out the old energies that you are releasing. Get outside and allow the beautiful fresh air to fill your lungs- really expand them. Go for a walk on the beach or in the bush. Get back to Mother Nature, for this is where our roots truly lie.

Now I want you to visualise for me.

Close your eyes and take a nice deep breath.

Center yourself in your heart space.

Now visualise the Universe. Really allow yourself to see and feel how vast the Universe is, for the Universe is Infinite!

Now see Yourself under the Universe with your mind completely open. See your connection with Universe. See how you are continually expanding not only spiritually but consciously also. This is massive!

See how much you've grown? So now we need to have things in the Physical plane match up to what you've done on the Spiritual plane.

Picture underneath this Universal image you have some bowls or cups. We need to fill these. But in order to do so we need to line them up with the correct corresponding line that is coming from Universe. Sometimes we need to add more bowls or even buckets and spread them out further so they will work in alignment with where it is your heading.

Remember, you can have all the tools in the world locked up nicely in your shed. But what good are they to you if you don't take them out and use them? If your not using your Spiritual tools then your Soul will feel dishonoured. You will feel stuck. Your Energetic shifts can work as Spiritual tools for you because your expanding, but as you expand on the Spiritual level you have to match it on the Physical- you just do.

What can this Physical Line up look like?

For me it looks like this.

I've created my own web site, yes something I did by myself and I'm super proud of Me for this. Anyone how knows me knows that it's been a very long love/ hate relationship with technology.

I have submitted my profile as a facilitator of Retreats in Resorts! Yes that's right, I completely stepped up and did something that my Soul has been craving... watch this space!

Today I lined up again with technology and created online bookings. This for me has been a very daunting thing to do. I'm very old school when it comes to my dairy (I have 3!), but times are changing and I need to honour that.

I have come up with set prices for my clinic and reduced some treatments. In doing this I have simplified what it is I offer and there is now less confusion.

I finally cleaned out my wardrobe. Now that's always a mission! But 3 garbage bags later for the Salvos, I now have a beautiful flow of energy there.

This is just to name a few things that I have done, but can you see how this is all very much in the Physical Plane. I'm not changing or re-branding myself, I'm accommodating to Myself for my Spiritual expansion.

So what does this look like for you?

Go within Yourself and see. Don't giveaway your power to others by continually allowing their opinoin of what you 'should' be doing to get you down. All this does is confuse the heck out of you and can leave you feeling even more lost.

Honour Yourself

Honour Your Soul

You Owe It To Yourself

So much love to you all

Christine xx

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