New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

July 13, 2018

Happy New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse 🌞🌚🌌


How are you feeling?


Today's new moon is in Cancer. And this being a water sign, guess what? 🦀🌊
Yup, you may be feeling a little more 'emotional' and yes even a bit teary.

And just like the ebbs and flow of the water, this to shall pass 💙


Are you sick of the same ol' same ol'?
-in your relationship? 
-in your job?
-where you live?

A new moon always represents New Beginnings, and with the combination of the partial Solar Eclipse today, these energies are amplified 10 fold! 🤩🤩🤩

Big change is on the way for many. This can be in your own transformation, shedding layers and leaving your 'old shell' of your former self behind.
Embrace these changes. Allow your true colours to shine through! Some people may not be able to handle handle how bight your light is... that's ok- that's their issue within themselves. They always have the choice to let go of their own crap and shine with you, or sit in their shit and continue to self-sabotage their own happiness.
Remember- everyone has a choice. And it is Their choosing on where they want to sit.
Don't let this dull your Sparkle- that's dishonouring Your Soul!💃

So What are you choosing?
All of this and sooo much MORE is at your finger tips! 😍

Aim High. Dream Big. Love Every Moment. 
For THIS moment, THIS breath, is a gift. 
Don't waste it- Embrace it xx


So much love to you All
Christine xx💜💛💚

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