The Ultimate Girls

Week Away

This year, in February 2020, saw our very first Ultimate Girls Week Away take place in Fiji at the beautiful Plantation Island Resort.

There, we had close to 180 women join us as we created the most incredible 'transformational bubble'.

Here I was blessed to witness these beautiful souls shift and transform into the true Goddesses that they are. We saw the truest of life-time friendships form through conversations, dance, song, workshops, room buddies and so much more.... 

We all had our hearts touched through workshops and inparticuly from our Keynote Speaker Elizabeth Gilbert.

Speaking from my own personal experience here- to be able to talk with Liz over a meal, to then partake in her workshop the next day, then to heave snot tears on Liz's shoulder and then to have the biggest belly laughs... lets just say I had the most biggest healings on my heart that I have ever had- and that's saying a lot!

I left so much lighter and have never looked back.

⬅ When Elizabeth Gilbert reminds you to always remember who you truly are and to keep shining for the World... you can't help but beam with joy.

After a full day of Liz's workshop and I'd been having massive snot tears moments throughout the day, I saw our keynote speaker at dinner. I told Liz a massive thank you for holding the incredible space for not only me to shift and release but for the other women as well.

This is a screenshot of Liz's comment to my post on Instagram. As you can tell by my eyes there had been lots of tears...

All for the better though and so worth it

Are you ready for our next Ultimate Girls Week Away!?

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Lorne Welcomes

The Ultimate Girls Week Away! 

We are super excited to announce that The Ultimate Girls Week Away for 2021 is going to be held on home soil in Australia! The location is the beautiful seaside town of Lorne on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

This seven day event will encompass everything you need in a retreat. We are honoured to have Wisdom Keepers SARK join us at the retreat, and Gabrielle Bernstein who will be joining us virtually from the US, and through them you will learn about manifesting the life you want and how to be a wild, succulent women all in one breath.

We will also have some respected Indigenous women who will share their wisdom with us.

Most days there will be the sharing of wisdom from the stage, workshops, Ultimate Sister Circles where you will come together with a small group of women to share your experience with, and so much more.

You will have time in the Ultimate Healing Hub, have some Signature Perfume made just for you, enjoy wonderfully crafted cuisine, and of course there will be time just to relax.

There is so much more we could tell, but the best way to find out all the details is by visiting The Ultimate Girls Week Away website -


If you are planning to sign up through me then use my very special link HERE and you will get a very special bonus of an extra $100 spa voucher.

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