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Reiki Treatment 

How are you feeling?




Do you have lack of energy?

Do you feel stuck? Not moving forward?

Feeling unmotivated for life?

Have you suffered an injury?

Are you recovering from surgery?

By holding onto emotional issues, they can present themselves as physical problems in the body.

Reiki treatments can help release the emotional issues that we're holding onto that we may not even be consciously aware of. 

Many times, when we feel 'lost' and confused or have no direction with our lives, it can be a result of losing ourselves in the Same ol' Same ol' of everyday expectations. When we get lost in the fog of "just going through the motions", it's easy to get distracted and forget what our passion is, what gives us Joy and Happiness. 

This is when you may start to feel resentful.

Resentment towards your job, where you live, your family or even worse- Yourself!

Reiki can help you release the old emotions that are holding you back.

By shedding the old layers, your allowing yourself to move forward in Life. Your honouring your True Self by allowing yourself to raise your vibration and thus raising above what was holding you back and blocking you from being the best version of You.

You owe it to yourself to move forward in this life and truly Live it x

*Please Note: All in person sessions are currently on hold due to Covid restrictions.

You can still receive a distance healing via Zoom. To make your online booking click HERE.

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