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In Person Workshops

KunYin Feminine Energy In Movement

KunYin teaches women how to come back to themselves by slowing down and fully connecting with their bodies.

Kun (Kundalini) Yin (Feminine) takes you on a journey allowing you to drop back into your body, reconnect with your feminine energy and sensuality.

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Allow the carefully chosen music to take you on your own unique journey with gentle, yet sacred to you, movements that your body has been yearning for your heart to feel. 

It is now time to give your body permission to reconnect with her inner Goddess!

A time for you to unleash the Goddess that resides within - that voice that has been whispering, wanting to be heard.

Surrender to the music and Christine's illustrative cues to release what is no longer serving you and reclaim the self-love and balance of energies that may have been lost or forgotten.

💜Not to sure?

💜Feel unconfutable at the thought of moving your body?

💜Are you shy or self-conscious?

No Problem! 
The beauty of online classes is you can turn your screen off and still see and hear Christine.

~ In Person classes are coming soon in Merimbula!

Online Courses

ThetaHealing® Seminar's

~ Online via Zoom

It's Here!!!

ThetaHealing seminars are now available to be taught online- and I'm soooo excited to be able hold these amazing classes via Zoom!

ThetaHealing Basic DNA 
30th, 31st of March & 1st of April, 2022
Investment - $695

ThetaHealing Advanced DNA 
27th, 28th & 29th June, 2022
Investment - $725

ThetaHealing Dig Deeper 
 2nd & 3rd of February, 2022 
Investment - $625



"Thank you Christine for opening my mind and soul to this ThetaHealing work.

Though connecting with the Creator of all that Is I now know how to experience unconditional love and instant healing.

I did all of my training on line with one other student and it was great.

I felt connected to you the whole time even though we were seeing each other via zoom.

You pre-empted our every question and guided us well with the downloads."

~ Samantha B, Victoria, Australia

Online Workshops

Reclaim Your Light

 ~ Online via Zoom

Date To Be Announced


Rediscover that feeling of being excited and motivated to create the life you keep dreaming about.

In this workshop Christine uses a combination of Intuitive Energetic healing tools, including the ThetaHealing® technique and meditation processes, to show you how you can re-ignite your inner ‘Spark' and rediscover your Souls passion.


Even those who are most successful and on purpose have moments of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and lost in amongst bringing their vision to fruition. It's natural, so be ready to let go of any fear or judgement... this is a safe space to be real and get your mojo back.


Clarity is a game changer. When you have clarity your energy enhances, your productivity goes up and it's hard for anything to hold you back.
Leave this workshop feeling confident in your direction, how to set clear boundaries, and be comfortable to put yourself first to achieve the nudge you keep receiving from the Universe.

Investment: $79
Location: On line with Zoom
Christine will send you an email with the Zoom link and instructions of what you will need.

"I took part in Christine's Reclaim Your Light session and it was amazing.

In such a short time I got so much insight into what's going on for me now.

I love her explanation of what was happening with the moon and how it was affecting my energy

and the meditations were life changing.

I totally recommend Christine and her work as her insight is so beautiful."

~ Leanne B, Queensland, Australia

Online Meditations

Keep your eye out for Christine's online meditations.

Most of the these meditations coincide with many of the celestial events we experience- including the New and Full Moon's.

Christine channels every meditation which makes them each different and unique- thus completely honouring the energies and messages choosing to coming in for those who are participating with each group.

For all Meditation Events be sure to follow Eternal Lotus on Facebook so you don't miss out on a spontaneous group meditation via Zoom.


In Person Courses

Reiki I Initiation 
~Merimbula, NSW

Date To Be Announced

Reiki II Initiation
~Merimbula, NSW

Date To Be Announced


"Thank you Christine for the most wonderful learning experience in your Reiki 1 initiation are very professional with a wealth of knowledge & experience with an infectious enthusiasm that affected us all....I have gained a lot from your course & treatments in Reiki....

I highly recommend you be it for learning, treatments, advice & much are the best"

                                                       ~ Sandy R, N.S.W, Australia


 ThetaHealing® Technique 

ThetaHealing classes have been moved to online learning.

In person classes will be returning.

*NOTE: Christine travels to teach all her courses.

If you are wanting Christine to come and teach any of the above courses at your location,

please contact Christine via email