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Enjoy the benefits of Energetic Healing.

Be it with Intuitive Healing, Reiki, ThetaHealing, an Intuitive Reading with cards or through Self-Healing Mentoring.

You'll be amazed at how life changing these sessions can be. 


I truly LOVE what I do!  

Energetic Treatments

Energetic Healing, such as Reiki and ThetaHealing,helps your whole Mind, Body and Spirit.
When you hold onto negative emotions, they can present themselves as physical problems. 
When your mind becomes so cluttered with over thinking and frustration, this can be a huge drain on your body. 

This is where Energetic Healing can be so beneficial!

Reiki helps quite and calm the mind. This will give you a clear head where you will find you can think clearly and can have a much calmer approach to a difficult situation.
Reiki relaxes the body. By having your body relaxed the Reiki energy can flow throughout your body and clear the blockages that have built up.

FUN FACT- A 1 hour Reiki treatment is the equivalent of having 4 hours restful sleep.


ThetaHealing can help you release old trauma as well as old patterns that are holding you back for your truest Life.

Are there situations that keep arising in your life?

Do you find yourself saying "Here we go again?"

ThetaHealing can help you See these patterns and help you realise these. With ThetaHealing, you'll be able to shift old beliefs that you may be holding onto that aren't yours. You could be holing onto old hurts that you may have inherited for your family. 

Have you heard the saying of "reading in-between the lines"? With ThetaHealing I'm literally listening in-between the lines.

The best thing I love about Energetic treatments is you never know what's ready to be released until your in your session- which is why I use different healing modalities is each treatment.

Sessions are available in person, over the phone or via Zoom, where I'll send you a link.

Are you ready to move forward in your life?

Book an Energetic treatment today!

INVESTMENT: 60min $220

'Reclaim Your Light' Program

Ask yourself this-

  • Do you feel stuck in your life?

  • Are you stressed most of the time?

  • Do you get tired easily?

  • Do you feel like your just 'Going Through The Motions' of life?

  • Are you unhappy?

  • Do you feel broken or empty inside?

  • Are you feeling lost in what your Life Purpose is?

  • Do you feel like there's more to your life than what your living?

  • Do you feel like you've lost what drives you- your 'Spark'? 

If you answered "YES" to any of these, this is the program for you!

'Reclaim Your Light' is an eight week program designed to help you clear the fears and negative thought patterns that may be creating 'blocks' and holding you back from the life your Soul desires. 

This life changing program is designed to be customised for what it is your needing in your life.


With six 70 minute one on one sessions via zoom, phone or in person, you will discover how to release old behaviour and beliefs, negative patterns and/or fears that are holding you back from what it is that your Soul yearns. What your Soul was born to do in this Life.

You will have my ongoing support to help you during these eight weeks as well as receiving continued Energetic Healing- during and in between your appointments. 

Are you ready to take control back of your life?

To take action and move forward? 

Are you ready to get excited about 'What's Next?' 

To Reclaim Your Light and shine bright?

This program is intuitively channelled for you specifically to what it is your needing for this part in your Life and for where it is your choosing to be. 

Call Christine for a FREE 20 minute chat to see if this program is for you.  

Now is the time!

Now is YOUR time to Shine.


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