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This Weeks 'Thinning of the Veil'

You may have been hearing the term "Thinning of the Veil" a lot the past couple of weeks. Some of you will know what this can be implying on an energetic level while others may be thinking 'what the heck is this veil thing? Isn't it something a bride wears?"

Yes - it is something a bride wears.

Just like you can faintly see a brides face through their veil, we too can 'see' other energies through the veil between our world and the next- the spirit world.

As the month of October progresses so to do the energies leading up to Halloween, or rather All Hallow's Eve, (this stems from the Celtic tradition of Samhain).

With the veil between our physical world here and the Spirit world becoming so thin, it's believed, by the time the energies peak on the 31st our Ancestors walk amongst us.

Traditionally with Samhain you would leave you doors and windows open so your Ancestors could return and feast with their families on this One night of the year. You would tell them for your seasons harvest and/ or ask them to share their wisdom with you. You would light big bonfires around your home to ward off evil Spirits, Witches and the Fae. If you didn't leave a sweet treat for the Fae they would steal your children and take them to their realm- never to be seen again.

On the more Christian tradition with All Hallows Eve, it was the night that the dead would return to try and finish what they had left unresolved. You would still leave fires burning to ward of the evil spirits and leave sweets. This is where 'Tick or Treat' comes into the equation.

Coming back to here and now....

Your Ancestors walk proudly beside you.

They want to share their wisdom with you.

You carry the torch of the generations who have walked before you- Shine Your Brightest Dear One!

At this time, you may be experiencing lucid dreams. You may find that your dreaming of loved ones who have crossed over. This is their way of showing you they are with you and you are loved and supported. It is also in your dreams they can share messages they have for you or answers to questions you may have been asking them.

You may hear someone call your name or feel like there is someone close to you or even see something catch the corner of your eye, only to turn around and see that there's no one there. Or the person who's with you didn't say anything.

This is a time where we need to be especially mindful and aware of our energies.

You may feel light headed all of a sudden.

You may feel all tingly through the top of your head (through your Crown Chakra) all the way down your spine and down to your toes.

You might have a wave of Light Bulb moments- loads of amazing ideas.

You may be feeling like you just know things.... you don't know how you know- you just trust that you do.

You may experience sharp sudden headaches in your third eye (in between your eyebrows).

It might sound like people are talking way to loud.

Your eyes might feel ultra sensitive for no reason.

Random memories that are happy, sad or make you feel angry (triggered)

You might feel triggered all of a sudden (rapid mood swings)

Do you get high pitched ringing in your eas? Yup- thats apart of it too.

Welcome to your Awakening.

Your "Shifting" and letting go of what has been weighing you down and or holding you back from living your best version of Yourself.

All of your senses are ultra sensitive as you make this transition. Yes all your psychic senses are kicking thing up a few notches too.

Those Light Bulb moments? They are 'Downloads' from the Universe.

As you go through this your DNA is changing, your patterns are changing. You are being given the opportunity to create your life as you want it- you have the power to manifest what your heart truly desires.

Now is the perfect time to call upon your Ancestors, Guides and Angels to ask for their Love and Guidance for you at this time.

To hold you in their sacred circle to heal you and keep you protected from unwanted energies as you transition.

Now is a great time to book in with an Energetic Healer. They can help give you balance, clarity, and ground you as well as help you integrate these energies as you need it.

On a personal note - My Mum transitioned from this world to the next on June the 9th this year.

I have been dreaming of Mum almost every night these past few weeks. Each time it's a totally different, and sometimes super bizarre (bizarre dreams aren't that strange for me- though dreaming of my Mum this often certainly is).

When I'm going about my day I know when she is here with me, be it to communicate or to just witness our lives. Last week I went for an energetic balance with a beautiful healer. She picked up that I was holding onto grief and sorrow (no she didn't know who I was or my story).

After my treatment I felt so relaxed and Zenned- so good.

It wasn't until two days later my grief and sadness hit me like a huge wave. For the next couple of days I just cried and cried. What possibly helped these tears was watching the return of Riverdale on Netflix and the first episode was a tribute to Luke Perry who had passed suddenly in real life. They wrote it into this episode- very respectful and compassionate in my watery eyes (I had posters of him everywhere as a teen!)

I know I'll have up and down days, but after this realse I am feeling a lot lighter.

The reason I share this with you is to show you that we are all Human.

We all experience sadness, grief, sorrow, hurt, anger, frustration, confusion, feeling lost, tired, etc... but we are not alone.

There is always someone who can help you, shine that torch for you and help you relight your own torch so you can shine bright again.

When we stifle our emotions down so we don't have to deal with them we start to feel weighed down. We also begin to get physical symptoms as a result too.

And when you're feeling low and depleted you leave yourself open to having negative energies latch on to you.

"Misery loves Company"

Sound familiar? This can be in the form of people who are always whining and bitching about others or their own lives. It can also be entities that latch on to your aura (energy field) and drain you. Both of these qualities, and more, leave you feeling even more crappy, frustrated, angry, second guessing yourself in what your doing and who you truly are.

"Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe"

Keep your thoughts and the company you keep around you positive.

Do something that uplifts you.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be the best version of you and celebrate with you what you share with them.

Nurture yourself.

Get outside and fill your lungs with fresh air.

Get out in Nature and really ground yourself. Imagine tree roots coming out of your feet and anchoring you into Mother Earth. This technique is essential with these crazy energies making your head feeling like its up in the clouds.

Have Gratitude for what you have overcome in your life and give thanks to those who have walked before you- your Ancestors.

You wouldn't be where you are or here today without it all.

Shine Bright Beautiful and Celebrate You xx

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