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Do you wish for a 'Simpler' Life?

As I sat here today watching the waves roll in, and the rain cells go by, I reflect on what I once thought to be a ‘simpler’ time.

Why is it that when we’re younger we’re in such a hurry to grow up? And then when we’re older and ‘grown up’ we wish we had simpler times. There were no stresses.

It’s not until you don’t have it anymore that you realise just how good you did have it.

That you realise, and can appreciate, just how simple Life really was.

Why is it that we feel like we have to complicate everything, just to feel like we’re doing ‘something’?

Why is it that we feel as though if we’re not doing something, if we’re not busy in Life, that we’re not accomplishing anything?

That society will not accept us?

I sat today watching the whales go by, as they danced in the waves and sang their song, they remind us to be graceful.

They remind us that Life can be graceful.

They remind us that no matter which way the current goes, you too can swim with it. But where you choose to swim with that is where you will choose to be.

They say ‘Go with the flow’.

They say ‘Allow the currents to take you’.

But what else flows on those currents? Dead fish.

Are you a dead fish? Or do you swim in the current and in the flow with purpose?

What is your Purpose?

What is it you’re here to do?

What is it in Life that you strive to do?

What is it you strive to be?

Who do you choose to be?

Do you know what it looks like to pull all the mask’s away from yourself? To take all those ‘Hats’ off. The Mum hat, the Boss hat, the Sister hat, the Wife hat. What do you look like under All of these hats?

These are your mask’s.

These are the mask’s that we put on. What we think society accepts. But I ask you this. What’s so wrong about being your True Self, by taking all of these mask’s off and showing the World your raw beauty?

When we show our beauty, our rawest, truest self, that’s our Truth.

That’s when your standing in your Truth.

When you stand in your Truth that’s when your being You! That’s where it is your Soul CHOOSES to be.

So what is it your choosing?

Are you choosing to be like the dead fish and just ‘go with the flow’ where ever the currents take you? Or are you choosing to be true to yourself and swim with the currents but with aim and direction?

If we aim with nothing to aim for… what’s the point?

If we don’t have purpose… what’s the point?

Where are your goals?

Be like the whales and dance in the waves.

They’re huge, they’re majestic, they’re strong! They have overcome so much. So many species have come back from the brink of extinction.

Do you feel like you’re dying?

Are you choosing to be the dead fish? Or are you choosing life?

Are you choosing to be your best version that you can possibly be? Because that’s the only way you can be in your happiest form.

If you’re in you’re happy form, Life is just so much better.

Life is Joyful.

Life is Brilliant.

When your vibrating at your highest vibration, that you can possibly be, your world vibrates with you. Your world that surrounds you, that you are in, has the ripple effect. You have the power to have the ripple effect.

That can help change the world.

So what vibration are you choosing to sit in?

Are you choosing a higher vibration that has your ultimate truth vibrating and resonating at your highest possible form? Or are you choosing to sit in the mud? Are you choosing to sit in your shit? Are you choosing to be a victim? Are you choosing to be the dead fish?

What is it your choosing?

Where are you choosing to take your life?

When you look back on your life, what is it that you reflect on? What do you choose to gain your strength from? For without our past we wouldn’t be where we are today. We wouldn’t be in the Now. We wouldn’t be here in the Present. Tomorrow hasn’t happened. You’re not in tomorrow, you’re in today, you’re in the Now. Be in your Now. Be in The Now.

Appreciate the beauty the world offers.

Be the beauty that the world can Shine with.

Be the Beacon.

Hold the torch for others.

As you do so, as you shed your crap, as you shed these muddy layers, as you raise your vibration, you will be the beacon for others. You will be holding the touch High for others.

As they find your Light, you encourage them to shine their Light.

Thus, the World is a shinier brighter place.

This raises the vibration of the World.

What is it your choosing?

Do you know the answer? If you don’t, how can you find it?

Go within.

Be honest with yourself. Be honest. If you’re not honest with yourself, if your choosing to keep all these mask’s on- you’re only fooling yourself.

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. It does not matter who it is that you are to them. Because if you’re not being honest with Yourself, you’re not happy.

If you’re not happy, your vibration is low- thus, you sit in your mud.

What is it your choosing?

How can you change it?

It’s never to late to change.

It’s never too late.

When you are that beacon of light for others, you give them the confidence to know that they Can shine their light. That it is safe for them to be pulled out of the mud, that it is safe for them to also shine bright. To be the best version of themselves. That it is safe for them to be the best version of themselves, because you have set the example of how the World can be the best version of It’s Self.

There is nothing wrong with this.

This is what we encourage you to do.

We’re here having a Human experience.

Yes, you’re going to have shit days. You are entitled to have crap happen. BUT! How you choose to stay in that and if you choose to sit in it longer then is necessary- that is your choice.

You have the power, only you have the power, to get yourself out of this.

When you feel as though you are sitting your darkest space, when you feel like there is nothing, when you feel like you can’t possibly find a way out of this dark space – look for the Light.

There is Always someone or something that can help you come out of this. There is Always a Light. Remember, no matter how shitty a situation is there is always a positive. A positive is a Lesson.

A lesson is something for you to learn.

What is it that you are learning?

What is it that you came here to learn?

If our Souls aren’t learning, they feel like they are Dying.

Be the best version of You.

Be the change you wish to See in the World.

As you change, your vibration changes. As your vibration changes, the ripple effect Around you changes.

Thus, raising the vibration of the World.

It is simple.

Stop over complicating it.

Life can be and Is simple.

Stop making mountains out of ant hills. Don’t stew on the ant hills and become the monstrous mountains that you create.

It’s all in your head! Drop out of your head and into your heart. Get back into your heart space.

What is it that brings you Joy? What is it that makes your heart Sing? This is your Trust form. This is your Light. And that is what is needed in the World- for you to shine your Light.

So, shine your Light the brightest you possibly can.

You ARE the beacon

YOU will set the ripple effect in motion for those to follow suite and be brave. To put on their brave pants and challenge the mud, allow it to dry and brake and shatter and never to come back.

Only then to sit in the best version of Themselves.

You can do this

I believe in you

So much Love to you ALL

Christine xx

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