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Venus Retrograde In Scorpio~ What Can This Mean For You?

Get ready to release the old and embrace the new!

For 40 days and 40 nights, the divine Goddess of love embarks on her journey through the underworld. Here she will die many deaths and be re-born again and again, with each rebirth a newer start. Leaving Venus to shine her brightest in the mornings as we too have a fresh start to our new beginnings.

As Venus slowly descends into the the underworld she starts her dance with Scorpio, the keeper of death, power and transmutation.

At this time, like the Goddess, we too shall experience the inner turmoil that comes with this retrograde.

This is the time where you will go deep within. Where you will be striped back to your rawest state of emotions. This is a time where you will feel your 'matters of the heart' being tested.

Are you feeling torn up inside?

Are you feeling confused regarding certain relationships? This doesn't need to be just your romantic relationships, it can also be work, family or friendships.

Are you having old emotions arise regarding your past relationships/s?

Are you all of a sudden having a hard time letting go of what you originally thought you had a handle on?

Scorpio will bring this to your surface. He will make you face these past emotions, and because Scorpio is a huge water sign, these emotions will be triple amplified.

Scorpio with Venus can bring out your dark side. Your insecurities, revengeful thoughts, even your 'friends with benefits' or one night stands, all of these will be brought to the surface. What you choose to do with these is up to you, but know this- 'it's always darkest before the dawn'. And it is in these darkest times that Scorpio will make you fell like you are overwhelmed with these emotions, he will show you the worst possible outcome you could imagine... making you want to kill it. He will force you to face the shit that you've been holding onto. The lies, manipulation and deceit that you have been telling yourself or others. Or these will be reviled to you by others, forcing you to face what you have been turning a blind eye too.

Everyone wants to move ahead in life.

Everyone has past hurts that they may be holding on too.

What are You holding onto?

Be honest....

Are you having old hurts or past issues pop into your mind?

If so, do you have those random conversations play out in your head with those who have hurt you? You know the ones, where you have those 'great comeback' lines and put them in their place?

Yup, we've all been there. The thing you need to remember with these thoughts it's all in your head.

Yes, the 'great come backs' and play outs you have that pop up in your mind, these are all in your mind. Now ask yourself this- how do you feel when they pop up.

These replays are keeping you held back in your past. These are keeping you hostage by sitting in the shit that you keep festering on.

Break free.

These are serving no one- especially your own head space.

As Venus dances with Scorpio through the underworld, she is forced to bear all. To really show her deepest, truest colours. Her raw beauty is exposed for all to see as she has her un-truths peeled away.

Just like Venus, you too will expose your True beauty by peeling back your layers. After Scorpio has pushed, pulled and torn away the crap that you've layered upon yourself, these will be realised for transmutation- never to return.

It's from our dark truths we can draw strength. It's with these we can have a real appriecation for our Light and for how far we've come in Life.

And just like Venus, as she shines brightest as the morning star, you too shall shine bright and will start your days with a renewed vibrancy.

So brace yourself, shit may hit the fan, but please always remember that This Too Shall Pass.

You've got this.

Breathe. Rest. Drink lots of water. Reboot.

So much Love to you All

Christine xx

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