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Is finding your 'Light' a load of Crap?

When I say 'Find your Light' what do you think? What a crock? Why would I do that? What the F*@K is my 'Light'!?

I ask you this-

What is the opposite to Light?

What happens when your sitting in the Dark and what does that Darkness look like?

Darkness can be what happens when we're feeling like crap, especially when we're feeling crap about the situations in our lives, feeling overwhelmed and/or trapped by what's happening around us and that leaves us feeling like absolute shit. You can't breathe and you feel like your drowning in it.

I know how this feels - I've been there.

I know what it feels like to be in an emotionally abusive relationship to which you lose yourself so much that you don't recognise who you are anymore. To feel so lost, that you feel dead inside and you've become an empty vessel just 'going through the motions' of everyday life because your children need you.

To then try and try again to leave a marriage that is killing you only to be struck down by the fear of 'How can I do this?' 'What will I do?' and 'Where will I go?' to which I would then talk myself out of it (again) and go back to walking around on egg sells because that's the safer option - which made me feel even more alone and isolated in the world.

I've even had people who were my closest friends turn their backs and say nasty things about me. Fast forward to today (years later) when I pass them in the street or in a shop and they still won't look at me when I smile and say Hi.

I've been a single Mum and know the stresses, as well as the guilt, of having to work while my babies are going between childcare and babysitters.

These are few examples I'm sharing with you to show that I know where your coming from and I've been there too.

I am VERY grateful to say I'm on the other side of this.

I found the strength to leave my marriage and stand on my own.

I went from being a single Mum to meeting an incredibly amazing Man who loves both me and my children.

I have an amzing circle of friends who are supportive, we hold space for each other, they will call me on my bull shit, we empower each other and celerbrate each others success.

I left my job in hospitality, took the leap of Faith and started my own business. I was asked repeatedly 'why are you leaving the security of hospitality?' and 'how are you going to make it work?'- to this my answer was 'I'm doing this for Me and I've got no idea how it will work, I just trust that it will'.

And it did!

I found my 'Light' and I'm very proud to say that I'm on my Path- my Soul Path.

I firmly believe that one of the reasons I'm here in this Life is to help others. To help those who may feel like they're lost, wondering aimlessly in the Dark and need help finding their 'Light'. I hold my torch high so you may find it and therefore know that you are not alone.

I can help you by showing you how you can help yourself.

I'm showing you how you can take your power back.

How you can discover what is your passion and thus what 'Lights' you up.

I will help show you how you can rediscover your 'Light'.

Now I ask you - Can you find your 'Light'?

Need some help?

Contact me today to find out how you can take your next step in finding Your 'Light'.

So much Love to you All

Christine xx

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