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Are You Growing From Your Lessons?

Do you continually find yourself in similar situations? You know, the kind where you say to yourself 'Here we go again!'🤦‍♀️ Do you have the same patterns repeating itself? Do you find you attract the same 'type' of people into your life? Your not paying attention to what your lesson is. The Universe is on your side and is giving you situations that can you learn and grow from 🌌🌿 If you find yourself in these situations, stop. Take a step back. Look at the situation from a 'Birds eye view'. Ask yourself this- what's my lesson here? How can I grow from this? What's the positive? Remember, no matter how shitty a situation is- there's always a positive! Did it help you grow? Did it teach you to stand on your own? Did it show you how strong you Truly are? Did it teach you Resilience? Compassion? Forgiveness? 💚 If your not growing, your Soul feels like it's dying.... We're here NOW for a reason, it's never too late to rediscover yours 💜💛💚

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