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It's The Journey, Not The Destination, That Makes Your Story

It's Your Story That Makes You Unique

Let Your Light Shine


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Complementary Health Treatments

Reiki Healing

ThetaHealing® Technique

 Discover this non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing by

learning this modality for yourself

or booking in for a session

Ultimate Girls Week Away

Text your girlfriends

"We're going to FIJI!!! 


At this Ultimate 7 day retreat, you will experience culture, workshops, inspirational talks plus as much nurturing and down time as you need on our private tropical island.

This truly is a week of creating the exact experience you wish and need.... and I will be facilitating workshops

at the retreat too! 

So come and enjoy Fiji with Elizabeth Gilbert and Me 


Find out what the fuss is about

and how this amazing company is changing the World


Reclaim Your Light

8 Week Program

Do you feel plagued by the Shadows? 

Do you feel like you get so caught up in your head that your missing out on the Joy of Life? 

Do you find that you turn to drugs or alcohol to 'help ease your mind'? 
'Wash away that hard day'?

'Drown your sorrows '?

Do you feel like your taken for granted and no one gets you?

Leaving you feeling lost, alone, hurt, resentful, angry, isolated? 

Do you know how to enjoy your Life? 

Would you like to know HOW you can live your life without the stress and overwhelm that drags you down? 

To live your life, any way you choose, in Peace, Happiness and Joy? 

If you find your saying 'YES' to any of these questions then the

'Reclaim Your Light' 8 week program

is for You 

"A meditation training technique

utilizing a spiritual philosophy for
improvement and evolvement of 

Mind, Body and Spirit"


Create your own booking using our Online Booking system.

Zoom and in person sessions available.

Reiki Initiation classes to 8 week Self Development programs. 

There is something for everyone.

From sharing some of my own Journey to keeping you updated with Universal shifts. There is something that may help you have a greater understanding as to 'WHY' certain things are happening in your Life.



"Christine is professional, on point, honest and trustworthy. The amount of time and care she places into her clients speaks volumes. I highly recommend Christine. Thank you again so much for the service we used today. The results showed immediately and i will not hesitate to come to you for any future healing's"

                                                                ~ Trene, N.S.W

"Highly recommend Christine she is an amazing energy worker amongst other things, she is able to help clear unnecessary beliefs systems , heals trauma and conditioning holding us back , help with emotional and physical pain also has the ability to clear any negative energy from self or home not serving our highest good.

 The experience I’ve had personally and seen Christine working her magic has me in awe, and I’m very grateful to have met her as she is a huge inspiration and strength to me as I step up into my intended purpose also.

Thank you Christine for all You do"


~Angie, N.S.W

"Thank you Christine for the most wonderful learning experience in your Reiki 1 initiation are very professional with a wealth of knowledge & experience with an infectious enthusiasm that affected us all....I have gained a lot from your course & treatments in Reiki....I highly recommend you be it for learning, treatments,

advice & much are the best"

                                                                   ~ Sandy, N.S.W

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